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Clerics of ToEE

-Boccob: N, domains: magic, trickery and knowledge
-Corellon Larethian: CG, domains: chaos, good, protection, war. Favorite weapon: long sword
-Ehlonna: NG, domains: Good, plant, sun, animal
-Erythnul: CE, domains: Chaos, trickery, war. Favorite weapon: morningstar
-Fharlanghn: N, domains: Protection, travel, luck
-Garl Ewietlistoevilty: NG, domains: good, protection, trickery
-Gruumsh: CE, domains: Chaos, strength, war, evil. Favorite weapon: spear
-Heironeous: LG, domains: good, law, war. Favorite weapon: longsword
-Hextor: LE, domains: Law, war, evil, destruction.
-Kord: CG, domains: Chaos, good, luck, strength
-Moradin: LG, domains: Good, protection, law, earth
-Nerull: NE, domains: Trickery, evil, death
-Obad-Hai: N, domains: fire, air, plant, water, earth, animal
-Olidammara: CN, domains: chaos, trickery, luck
-Pelor: NG, domains: Good, healing, strength, sun
-Cuthbert: LN, domains: Protection, law, strength, destruction
-Vecna: NE, domains: magic, knowledge, evil
-Wee Jas: LN, domains: magic, law, death
-Yondalla: LG, domains: Good, protection, law

-death: Death touch, nice spells
-destruction: Once per day a +4 to hit attack also with damage bonus, quite nice spells
-fire: nice offensive spells
-luck: quite good defensive spells
-magic can use wands, scrolls reserved for mages etc. quite good spells
-strength: quite good spells and domain ability
-sun: Nice offensive spells, nice undead turning
-war: extra proficiency in gods favorite weapon, nice spells

-Super domains: strenght, sun, magic, war, fire, death
-Strongest gods (clerics): Wee Jas (death, magic, Pelor (strength, sun), Gruumsh (strength, war).