Been A Long Time Between Updates

Yes it's been awhile. Haven't made much progress but been cleaning some, and mainly took these pics to post up at BroadbandReports. So here's the panoramic of my home office as it stands now:
20050315.05 20050315.06 20050315.07
20050315.08 20050315.09 20050315.10
20050315.11 20050315.12 20050315.13


Here They Are

Sorry this took awhile to get up here. And now that they're here I need to take new pics 'cause everything has changed again...

First up my room again, note the wall between Donna's and my room is up now. (It is now drywalled from her side, I'll post pics later of that.)
20040912comproom1 20040912comproom2

And the game room, got the closet installed to go around the plumbing (it enables the downstairs bathroom to flush upwards to the sewer lines). First pic shows the view from my room past the bathroom (yeah, it's a mess right now). Second pic shows the wall adjacent to the bathroom, with the dual-ethernet outlets high up on the wall to go above the countertop. Last one view of the closet. That door was a bear to hang, I had to keep reconstructing the doorway opening.
20040912gameroom1 20040912gameroom2 20040912gameroom3


Update Coming...

We've finally gotten a new digital camera, and I took some pics shortly thereafter. Of course, since then we've done quite a bit in the game room so I'll have to take some more and get them all posted up at once.


Just Starting

Here's the kick off of these two areas. You can see what the layout will be in the links on the right sidebar. We've pretty much finished the walls in the family room area (on the other side of the staircase) so now we're moving on the the game room. The only room that had been finished in the basement when it was built was the full bathroom (I do NOT do plumbing!). Please excuse the poor-quality pics, we lost our good digital and have to use the camcorder picture-feature.

First the game room. Looking towards the south wall and then the east wall.
20020814gameroom1 20020814gameroom2

Next the computer room.
20040814comproom1 20040814comproom2 20040814comproom3

Nice floor, eh?

And here's the view standing in the computer room, looking towards the game room. Bathroom on the left. Please ignore the children's mess.